Melbourne waves. Spacial manipulation of sound. Eclectic Pop to Tranced out dub, guitar rock to Roots rythms.

Playlist 5/12/07

1. Extra Golden Hera Ma Nano [Thrill Jockey]
2. Martina Topley-Bird Too Tough to Die [Independiente]
3. Mos Def Ghetto Rock [Geffen Records]
4. Muscles Icecream [Modular Interscope]
5. Fred Anderson & Hamid Drake Rakti Shiva [Thrill Jockey]
6. David Higgs Spectral Hues [Thrill Jockey]
7. Big Youth Ride On [Soul Jazz]
8. Larry Maluma Reggae and Soul [Safari Music]
9. Larry Maluma What’s Love [Safari Music]
10. Caetano Veloso Asa Branca [Philips]
11. Beck Devils Haircut [Geffen Records]
12. Sigur Ros Straral Fur [Emi]
13. Sigur Ros Iger [Emi]


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