This straightup hoodlum tribe mix special is constructed by dunk le chunk and mat d.....

Playlist Hoodlum Tribe

1. intro welcome winds
2. dr drek rush hour [earsugar jukebox]
3. reporter unfolding fern [fence records]
4. the earlies natures mistake [names records]
5. tunng surprise me [static caravan]
6. johnny trunk sister woo [trunk records]
7. edan just listen [lex]
8. dimlite weakend surcuts [sonar kollectiv]
9. pete rodriguez i like it (i like it like that) [Nascente]
10. helene smith you got to be the man [Harmless]
11. barbara wilson world in crisis [unknown]
12. syl johnson different strokes [Twilight]
13. kool g rap and dj polo talk like sex [Landspeed records]
14. gecko turner un limo en la cabeza (quantic dub) [Hi Top recordings]
15. kwanzaa posee wicked funk [Flying Records]
16. afrobeat #3 side two, track one [white]
17. bah samba it tastes good [Estereo recordings]


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