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Playlist 25/01/08 with Dan Aikido & Aloe Blacc

1. Stacy Epps - Floatin [CDR]
2. Dorian Concept - Two Hour Power [Treble O]
3. Fulgeance - Large [CDR]
4. Beat Assailant - Charlie White [Dirty Dozen]
5. Karma & Lotus - Monk Swing [PTR]
6. Rogiers feat Bilal - Hollywood Story [Fibby]
7. Joey Negro presents The Sunburst Band - We Can Live Forever [Susu]
8. Soul Mirage - Soul Mirage [CDR]
9. Soul Mirage - The Big Picture (Instrumental) [CDR]
10. Asayake Production feat Marleys - You Know!? [High Contrast]
11. Brownout - Brown Wind & Fire [Freestyle/Creative Vibes]
13. Irene Reid - Moondance [Polydor]
14. Irene Reid - Hey World, Let Love In [Polydor]
15. Irene Reid - Theme from Bewitched [Verve]
16. Irene Reid - Things We Said Today [Savant]
18. D1 - I'm Loving [Tempa/Inertia]
19. Benga & Coki - Night (DJ Zinc Remix) [Tempa/Inertia]
20. Commix feat the Nextmen - Change [Metalheadz/Inertia]
21. Pirahnahead - Music [Whasdat]
23. A Dan Aikido Blend - Poplock'n'Drop [CDR]
24. Nathan Haines Feat. Ty - Pick It Up [Haven]
25. Recloose Feat. Rachel Fre - ?? (from forthcoming LP Perfect Timing) [CDR]
26. K15 & LP - M.U.S.I.C [CDR]
28. Aloe Blacc - Maybe [CDR]
29. ?? - Berimbau (Aloe Blacc Edit) [CDR]
30. Aloe Blacc - When I Look Back [CDR]
31. Aloe Blacc - Faster than I Ever Expected [CDR]

Continuing the recent wave of hectic Stylin episodes, we managed to fit two guests and a tribute in this week. I was sad to hear of the recent passing of singer Irene Reid. While I can't claim to be the foremost expert on her very long career, I couldn't not pay tribute to a lady with a great rich jazz voice and tunes I love from the 60s to the 00s.

Martin Kwok dropped in to represent with a strictly-NZ selection including new Recloose material, new Nathan Haines featuring Ty and production by Chris Cox (Antipodean) and of course a brand new one of his own Dan Aikido Blends. Stylin listeners have been hearing the blends for a good few years now, but the big news is that many are being released on two 7" singles and a CD album via new Japanese label Black Belt Beauty.

LA-based all-round entertainer (singer, rapper, DJ, producer, etc) Aloe Blacc came directly to 3RRR from Melbourne Airport, immediately busting out his laptop to play us a bunch of fresh tunes. Amongst them, a cut featuring his vocals over Madlib's beat for 'Baby' before it was used by J Dilla and a heavy funk version of Brasilian standard 'Berimbau', re-edited from Aloe's recording of Egon's set at Peanut Butter Wolf's wedding!

Managed to slip a few tunes in myself too. Joey Negro's Sunburst Band are back with some killer midtempo boogie, Melbourne's Soul Mirage come with a couple of tasters for releases later this year and Detroit maestro Pirahnahead starts his new label with a soulful house monster. Plus house classic 'The Way You Love Me' gets remixed dubstep style and dubstep classic 'Night' gets remixed drum & bass style.

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