On the hunt for innovative music, tracing the tangents of sound from current incarnations back to their roots.

Playlist 29/01/08

1. Lorentz Contraction - Arpanet [ Inertial Frame / Record Makers France]
2. Through the Star Gate - Arthur C. Clarke [ 2001: A Space Odyssey]
3. Orbit Brazil - Flying Lotus [ 1983 / Plug Research]
4. Make Me - Skream [ Skreamizm Vol.3 / Tempa]
5. Pipe Dreams - Darqwan [ SOULJA 2]
6. Arcadia - Apparat [ Walls / Shitkatapult]
7. La Ronde - Ghislain Poirier [ ML 001 / INTR Version]
8. metal chest - Tron [ Casio Beets / Unreleased]
9. Soul Control - Theo Parrish [ Sound Sculptures / Sound Signature Records]
10. Get It! (Beat 4) - Machinedrum [ Cached / The Inside]
11. Lost Ones - Lauryn Hill [ Ms Hill / Unofficial / Unofficial]
12. Say Sumthin - Zion I And The Grouch [ Heroes In The City Of Dope / OM Records]
13. Matrimonoids.... - Prefuse 73 [ Security Screenings / Warp]
14. Acrostico - Gui Boratto [ Chromophobia / Kompakt]
15. Grunt - B. Fleischmann [ Morr Music Digital Sampler / Morr Music]
16. Cheeky Six String - Valgeir [ Unreleased]
17. Road To Somewhere - Goldfrapp [ Seventh Tree / Mute]
18. World Sham Pain - The Dead Sea [ The Dead Sea / Demo]

Chasing the Tangent, presented by Sofie Loizou, is a fortnighty podcast that aims to hunt down the finest left of centre, innovative and eclectic tracks from Australia and beyond mixed up for your listening pleasure. If you are familiar with Sofie's previous podcasts Resonant Tapestry and Premonitions by Plants, you will be aware that her shows are a journey through rhythm and sound, blending genres and styles in a feat of fusion.

Kicking off the show is Flying Lotus, who will be hitting Australian soil late Feb for gigs around the country, and featuring some brand new Australian unreleased material from Tron (Newcastle) and the Dead Sea (Sydney).

If you are interested in sending Sofie your material drop her a line at http://myspace.com/chasingthetangent or chasingthetangent@gmail.com


lala said:
ahhhh fab sounds good so far but i gotta sleep , will tune in again tomoz.


ps wish i had more robot tendencies.....but love my freedom.
Wasubot said:
What is this robot discrimination? Well I'm a robot but that doesn't mean I don't like listening to a good podcast. Thanks Sofie :) XX
robbie said:
i'm a robot too but does not stop me from acknowledging a good tune and a fine looking lady
Dan Monceaux said:
I reckon our act might interest you: http://www.reverbnation.com/supermarket

...let us know if you want some material for your show!

As far as I know, I am not a robot.