On the hunt for innovative music, tracing the tangents of sound from current incarnations back to their roots.

Playlist 19/03/08

1. Totally-Corrupt - Imamu Amiri Baraka [ Giorno Poetry Systems: Totally Corrupt, 1976 / ubu.com]
2. P.O.A (Piece of Art) - Lorett Fleur feat LMNO [ Appollo Jazz]
3. All I really wanted - Renee Neufville [ unreleased]
4. Get Out Of My Hair - Bilal [ Love For Sale / unreleased]
5. My People - Erykah Badu [ New Amerykah Part One (4th World War) / Motown]
6. Oblighetto (Brother Jack McDuff) - J Dilla [ Blue Note Revisted / Blue Note]
7. Zero M2 - Benga [ Diaries of an Afro Warrior / Tempa]
8. Konami Code - Mr Johnson's Marching Boys [ unreleased]
9. Dehydration - Drexciya [ The Quest / Submerge]
10. Operation - Claro Intelecto [ Metanarrative/ Modern Love]
11. Ralome - Plaid [ Rest Proof Clockwork / Warp]
12. Bright beat - Yoshinori Sunahara [ Lovebeat / Kioon]
13. Unwinding - Cylan [ Heaven / Polybonk]
14. Rope of Sand - Jamie Lidell [ Jim / Warp]
15. The Trees Behind - TU M' [ Bip_Hop Generation Vol. 8 / Bip Hop]

Chasing the Tangent Episode 3 - Soulskin

With so much ground to cover, Chasing the Tangent flits around the planet unearthing some next level cuts this fortnight, with tracks by J Dilla, Lorett Fleur reaturing LMNO and Bilal from his legendary album Love for Sale, that incidentally never got released, but is floating around out there bitland, through to exclusive aussie tracks from the forthcoming album by Mr Johnson's Marching Band (SYD) and Cylan (SYD). Some brand new tunes by Claro Intelecto from his new album "Metanarrative", again we hear another fine cut from Erykah Badu's new one, and a beautiful track from the new album by Jamie Lidell.


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