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Playlist 26/03/08

1. Rubies Room Without A Key [Telle Music]
2. Nostalgia 77 Octet Freedom (Zombie Dance Mix 1 and 2) [Tru Thoughts]
3. Take feat. Gaby Hernandez Walk Away [ArtDontSleep]
4. Soul Mirage Sweet Indian [Goldleaf Studio]
5. Clutchy Hopkins 3rd Element [Ubiquity]
6. Hal Singer and Jef Gibson Mother Africa [Kindred Spirits]
7. Mike DeVellis Funkalicious (Slowly Remix) [Straightup Recordings]
8. The Filthy 6 Knockout [Mr. Bongo Records]
9. L.A. Carnival Blind Man (Cut Chemist Remix) [Now Again]
10. Cut Chemist feat. M.E.D Blind Man [Now Again]
11. Connie Price and The Keystones International Hustler feat. Percee P [Ubiquity]
12. The Herd The King Is Dead [Elefant Traks]
13. Pataphysics I Love A Sunburnt Country [?]
14. Milez Benjiman Feel Glorious [Tru Thoughts]
15. Ben Mono Hit The Bit [!K7]
16. The Bionics Deaf Love [Bocajiro]
17. Trus'me At The Disco [Fat City Recordings]
18. Trus'me Working Nights [Fat City Recordings]
19. Cesaria Evora Angola (Carl Craig Remix) [!K7]
20. Rubies Too Brights [Telle Music]

After a busy schedule is always nice to sit down and play tunes again for people listening; is always different to playing for a dancefloor and usually just as enjoyable.

I have recently been given an album by Scandinavian band Rubies which i take two tracks from, the first and the last. This is one fine piece of musicianship in the vein of pop/folk. I can not take this off the stereo, except for one track which misses the mark it is all fantastic. New music from Melbourne's very own Soul Mirage who just released a 7 track EP. Great material and going to go big time with this one. I really look forward to the follow up album.

A new release from the new label, Straightup Recordings, from Mike DeVellis (NYC sax player) remixed here by Japanese producer Slowly. The show then takes a decided shift into the upbeat with this tune and it's unmistakable acid jazz flavours to the more straightup ahead funk and jazz The Filthy 6.

Hip Hop tunes from the likes of Connie Price, The Herd and Pataphysics take us to the realm of Euro dance music from Tru Thoughts ace act Milez Benjiman and !K7's Ben Mono with his new tune 'Hit The Bit'.

Recently at Playground Weekender (new festival in australia, and the finest for my liking) I caught The Bionics who came on after Russ Dewbury so I just had to to include a tune of their debut album. As well as a few new tracks off my favourite band at the moment, Trus'me.

Wrapping up the dance part of the show with a Carl Craig remix of Cesaria Evora. Love a bit of Carl Craig. Finally finishing off on a folky tip with some more Rubies. So digging this album!!!

peacenlove yall


truz said:
best show to date bro!!
Joscha said:
grrrrrreat show! jua.

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