On the hunt for innovative music, tracing the tangents of sound from current incarnations back to their roots.

Playlist 10/04/08

1. Soul Mirage (The O-Side Mix) - Soul Mirage [ unreleased ]
2. Choking you - Prefuse 73 [ Futurism Ain't Shit To Me / Kyo]
3. Oh! - Ty [ Closer / Big Dada Records]
4. Put' Em On - Timbaland [ Tim's Bio: From The Motion Picture: Life From Da Bassment (Explicit Version) / UM3]
5. Eff This - Samiyam & Hudson Mohawke [ Various Assets Vol 4 / Red Bull Music Academy]
6. Return Of The Loop Digga - Quasimoto [ The Unseen / Stones Throw Records]
7. Boots Steel Capt - Ed Seven [ unreleased /]
8. Switch Track - Theo Parrish [ Sound Sculptures Vol 1 / Sound Signature Records]
9. Don't U Want My Love - Moodymann [ The Silence is Broken Vol 1 / Neon Music /]
10. 10101 - James Holden [ The Idiots Are Winning / Border Community Recordings]
11. Life On Mars - Material Object [ Karate Klub]
12. Instrument Of Change - Random Noise Generation [ Links In The Chain / 430 West]
13. Electric Entourage - Model 500 [ Classics / R&S Records]
14. Out - Ellen Allien [ Sool / Bpitch Records ]
15. Soleil Levant - As One [ Reflections / New Electronica]
16. Busy Bee_Buzz Mix - Soul Mirage [ unreleased]

Chasing The Tangent 4 - Travelling Without Moving

Chasing the Tangent is traipsing around Australia this month so it only seems fitting to include a bumper crop of Australian content this week, with brand new mind blowing unreleased tracks from Soul Mirage (Melb), Ed Seven (Syd) and Material Object (Syd). We also have a sneak preview track from Ellen Allien's new album 'Sool'. I threw in some classic techno tracks, and an ambient track from 1994 written by Kirk Degiorgio under the moniker 'As One'. We also hear from Detroit producer, Theo Parrish, and UK hip hop heavyweight, Ty, who are visiting our shores this month to take part in the red bull music academy info sessions.


sadie said:
Hi where can i get my hands on the Edseven tune Sofie?
sofie said:
sadie you can find it over on his myspace page. drop him a line http://www.myspace.com/edseven
Me_as_far_Ass_I_9 said:
edseven said:
hey sofie, nice mix - cheers for including me on it. Time to finish that track I think...lol

Sadie, email me some details through myspace and I'll send you some music.

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