A man of many musical guises, Chris has developed quite a reputation over the past years for pioneering new music through his refreshing record label, Fluid Ounce.

Playlist Chris Vogado

1. Ammon Cat Refrigerator Straight From The Hard Drive [Kinda? Ninja Tune]
2. Ant?s Empire Nery Bauer [CDR (fl.oz)]
3. You Knew I Would Come Back Patrick Pulsinger [Cheap Records]
4. Four Minutes, Forty Four Seconds Ryoji Ikeda [Staalplaat]
5. Gas Daisuke Tanabe [CDR (fl.oz)]
6. Uhuru Mash Up Nephews of Phela [Time Will Tell]
7. Ya Know October [Fluid Ounce]
8. Interstellar Canoe Nery Bauer [CDR (fl.oz)]
9. Unknown Unknown [CDR ;0)]
10. Trying To Speak One Self - Acapella [Ninja Tune]
11. Trying To Speak One Self ? Instrumental [Ninja Tune]
12. The Hands Of Doom MF Doom [Sub Verse]
13. Solid Groove Solid Groove [Loungin? Recordings]
14. Twin Cities Theo Parrish [Harmonie Park Records]


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