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Playlist 15/12/05

1. High Fire Hell Crazy Girl [Tummy Touch 2 Sampler]
2. Beat of a drum Freak Project
3. Essence Air [Elastic]
4. Trick me Kelis & Adam Freeland
5. Lemon Sherbet Jon Gurd
6. Seventh Son Sub 6 [Freq Remix]
7. Future Jon Gurd [Original Mix]
8. Bullet in a gun Rabbit in the moon mix
9. Sasha exclusive mix recorded live @ Womb club in Tokyo Japan (no track list available)

As the new year approaches...sounds in the undercurrent go up a notch with an exclusive half-hour mix put together by world class DJ/producer Sasha. The mix was recorded live @ Tokyo's Womb club and is accompanied by another half-hour mix produced by Sasha's brother Mark.

Living in different parts of the globe these days, the brothers recently caught up in Melbourne Australia and the reunion resulted in this mix coming together.

Enjoy this first ever back-2-back Sasha & Mark mix.

Unity - the way forward...


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