On the hunt for innovative music, tracing the tangents of sound from current incarnations back to their roots.

Playlist 1/08/08

1. AAAA - J Todd [ /Platinum Soul + Frite Nite]
2. Half-Life of Happiness (Salva Remix) Renfro [ promo / unknown]
3. Camel - Flying Lotus [ Los Angeles / Warp]
4. xxdreamvoidxx - J Todd [ XOXO / Platinum Soul]
5. Chair Girl - Mu [ Afro Finger And Gel - Tigersushi]
6. Without Aim - Luke Abbott [ Tuesday EP / Border Community]
7. The Reuinion - Briztronix [ Structures Of Canyons /self released]
8. The Boss - Miles Merrill and Morganics [ Dirty Curly / unreleased]
9. Gooseflesh - Know U [ demo /unreleased]
10. Nite Train - Burial [ South London Boroughs / Hyperdub]
11. Hotstepping - Benga [ Newstep / Benga Beats]
12. V.A.J. - Vibert / Simmonds [ Rodulate / Rephlex]
13. As The Dust Settles - Snorkel [ As the Dust Settles / Airtight Recordings]
14. Auntie's Lock/Infinitum - (feat Laura Darlington) Flying Lotus [ Los Angeles / Warp]
15. Limn - Deaf Center [ Neon City EP / Type Records]
16. The Normal Way - TU M' [ The Bip-hop generation vol 8 / Pandemonium]

Chasing the Tangent - Episode 9 - Burnt Brakes

This fortnights show has been a long time in the making, having discovered the Californian label "Frite Nite" label led me to find an artist on their roster, J Todd, whose latest album XOXO is absolutely worth tracking down. If you are interested in finding out more about any of the artists in the playlist, all you have to do is become a friend of the show at myspace.com/chasingthetangent and you will see links to the artists on the playlist. As always myspace is a brilliant source of new music inspiration for Tangent Chasers.

We also have brand new tracks from Flying Lotus, Luke Vibert's new collaboration album with Jeremy Simmonds on Rephlex, and we get a sneak preview of a brand new collaboration between two brilliant Australian artists, Morganics and Miles Merrill. I was also lucky enough to have been given a demo by new Sydney artist "Know U" with a rich and dark dubstep style, he is definitely a local artist to watch.

Thats all for now folks, do join the family over at www.myspace.com/chasingthetangent


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