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Playlist 20/08/08

1. Tom Eno Estrella (Dusty Remix) [Jazz and Milk Recordings]
2. Fat Freddys Drop The Camel [ Kartel]
3. BiggaBush Shark Fin Soup [Lion Head Recordings]
4. Boris Gardiner Negril [Strut]
5. Ed Meme and The Forms Greenwich Test [Straightup Recordings Test]
6. Golden Sound Play It [Golden Sounds Recordings]
7. Dutch Rhythm Combo Cartagenera [Highscore]
8. Saffrolla Near The Sky(feat. Isabel Fructuoso) [CDR]
9. Anane Bem Ma Mi (Louie Vega Club Mix) [Giant Step test]
10. Kokolo Afro Beat Orchestra Vote Black President [Freestyle]
11. Gypsy Brown Life's A Trip [Freestyle Test]

I have decided to cut my show by some minutes this week to see how a shorter format goes. So a one hour show of extremely enticing picks.

Promo land abounds with new tunes from Fat Freddys Drop calling for sunshine deeply emotionally and something i can really relate to. It gets to about August and I really start longing for my thongs and to see girls in singlets again:) New material from Bigga Bush as well as a test pressing of the new one from Ed Meme and the Forms.

While up in Brisbane on the weekend Peter G aka Golden Sounds kicked it hard on the kit with me and gave me his new mastered up album. Treats galore so I took a real fully charged tune off it called Play It. The stand out tune of the whole show for me though is the Louie Vega mix of Anane on Giant Step, track is title Bem Ma Mi and I want more music like this.

Everything else read, enjoy and bless up!



talal said:
cutting your show??? noooo!!!!

As far as I know, I am not a robot.

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