Ai Trick Beats – exclusive straightup guest mix

Playlist Ai Trick Beats

1. mexican institute of sound para no vivir desperado (nsm...psm remix) [ lovemonk and nico]
2. chemical brothers the boxer [ virgin]
3. matenlo chiguagau [ resense]
4. a-skillz strawberry jam for ever [ insane bangers]
5. touch my soul lack of afro feat. steve marriott [ freestyle]
6. watch tv and the prime times extra! [ hitop records]
7. old school beatvandals [ nice up]
8. magic carpet ride steppenwolf [ columbia]
9. a-skillz and krafty kutts tricka technology [ fingerlickin records]
10. rephrase catch ya [ goodgroove]
11. nickodemus give the drummer some [ wonderwheel recordings]
12. rebel crew bo bo break [ bastard boots]
13. dr. rubberfunk watch the tables turn (beat-a-pella mix) [ funkydown productions]
14. feature cast channel hopping [ catskillz]
15. dunkelbunt cinnamon girl [ dunkelbunt]
16. analogik farligt monster (dusty remix) [ auditory designs]
17. tal m klein chu chin chow (dj fuc mix) (played at 45) [ aniligital music]
18. malente peppe ’99 [ mashed up funk]
19. fdel get up on ya feet [ freestyle]
20. a-skillz between the eyes [ fingerlickin]
21. ugly duckling left behind (wichita mix) [ handcuts records]
22. franz ferdinand the fallen (justice remix) [ domino]
23. harvey k-tel you make me feel so good [ music for the people]
24. jazz k. lipa purple haze [ resense]
25. smoove dope cloud [ wack records]
26. smoove quality soul [ wack records]
27. skeewiff love power [ jalapeno records]

Ai trick beats grew up in an environment of never ending commercial crap played in loops at the radio. The man placed the burden on himself to bring all the great music from relatively unknown artists around the world together and to present a mix of heart touching soul flavored funky beats and breaks. The man from Switzerland intends to make people dance in a way they forget about whatever crap some radio stations play twenty times a day.


Skytot said:
Most definitely YES.
Stibabs said:
Baby Baby Baby!!!!!
What a mix!

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