Inga Liljestrom- composer/ vocalist/ producer/ performer.

Playlist Inga Liljestrom

1. Film Noir Inga Liljestrom
2. Phoenix Inga Liljestrom/Haydn Walker
3. All this love Inga Liljestrom
4. Lira Inga Liljestrom
5. Diamond Horseshoe Inga Liljestrom
6. Holding Still Inga Liljestrom/Bob Scott
7. Drowning Song Inga Liljestrom
8. Glow Inga Liljestrom
9. Bullet Inga Liljestrom
10. Stardust Remix (Michael Lira) Inga Liljestrom/Michael Lira
11. All of this Remix (Jacob Cook) Inga Liljestrom
12. 29 Poisons Inga Liljestrom
13. Bloodstains Inga Liljestrom/Bob Scott/Michael Lira
14. Windy Inga Liljestrom

Here's a collection of songs taken from her albums ELK and Urchin over the last
few years, plus a few remixes, some live versions of two tracks, and a
collaborative effort that's been released on the Hi Fi Mike album. he has a seven piece band made up of double bass, live strings, guitar, samples etc, and will be performing at both the Sydney Festival and the Adelaide festival this year.


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