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Playlist 15/09/08

1. Soopha - Cohoba [ SOOPHA EP / STOP_008 ]
2. GNG BNG - Flying Lotus [ Los Angeles / Warp]
3. The Main Inspiration (Coltrane of Beats) - Madlib [ Beat Konducta Vol. 5: Dil Cosby Suite / Stones Throw Records]
4. A Muse - Heralds Of Change [ Puzzles EP / All City]
5. Cool aid - noel [ Wax ep / [stop_007]]
6. Edipo - Cohoba [ SOOPHA EP / [STOP_008]]
7. Teadora - noel [ Wax ep / [stop_007]]
8. Rosebuds - Sa-Ra [ The Hollywood Recordings / Babygrande]
9. City Got Me Watchin - Om'mas Keith [ Unreleased / Red Bull Music Academy]
10. Love Dog - TV On The Radio [ Dear Science, / Interscope]
11. Magadrag - Ytre Rymden Dansskola [ Kjappfot / Magadrag Vinyl / Full Pupp]
12. Cryovolcano - Blue Vitriol [ They Went To Titan / Jahtari]
13. More Than One - B12 [ Last Days Of Silence / B12 Records ]
14. Le Soleil et la Mer - Reload [ A Collection of Short Stories / Infonet]
15. Every Time She Turns Round It's Her Birthday - Manitoba [ Up In Flames / Leaf-Domino]
16. Dreams (Feat. Mystic Chords of Memory) - Dntel [ Dumb Luck / Sub Pop]
17. she doesn't know (edit) - Spooncurve [ the wire tapper 15 / the wire]
18. Bright Red - Brian Eno & Laurie Anderson [ Bright Red - Tightrope / Warner Bros]
19. My Heart Like Marching Band - Pivot [ O Soundtrack My Heart / Warp]

A tantalising array of musical gifts for you all this week, with brand newbies from Madlib, B12, and a sneak preview track courtesy of Red Bull Music Academy from Om'mas Keith. Over the next month we will be showcasing the music from some of the participants who are lucky enough to be attending this years Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona. This week it is Noel from the Dominican Republic. Noel also connected me up to the wicked beats of his cohort Cohoba, both whom have embraced the wonk factor with open arms, and both who have EP's available for free download from the Stereoptico.net label. We hear another track from Flying Lotus featuring the mad cuts of The Gaslamp Killer, who is hitting Australian shores in a couple of weeks. We also get a sneak peek at a track from the new TV on the Radio album.


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