Genre bending tunes that cross the globe and blur the boundaries between Soul, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Hip Hop, Broken Beat, House, and other left-field Electronica.

Playlist 7/10/08

1. Wiggle Waggle Herbie Hancock (Mr Scruff Mix) [Giant Step]
2. Keep We Guessin' Colorblind feat. Sena [Unfold]
3. Keep It Raw Dusty [Jazz and Milk]
4. Ty feat. Eska and Breis Look 4 Me [Big Dada]
5. Aamulla Juhani [Iimmion]
6. El Michels Affair Creation [Truth and Soul]
7. Juhani Beemulla [Iimmion]
8. Sly and Robbie and Amp Fiddler I Believe in You [Strut]
9. Sly and Robbie and Amp Fiddler Blackhouse (Paint the Whitehouse Black) [Strut]
10. Azymuth New Dawn [Far Out Recordings]
11. Sepalot How Can I Say feat. Miss Platnum [Compost]
12. T M Juke and The Jack Baker Trio Heads Higher [Tru Thoughts]
13. dunkelbunt and cloud tissa kebab konnektion [CDR]
14. B-Burg Banana Beats [Fat Bird Records]

Again with the one hour format. I just find it sweeter. Some fantastic new releases particularly from Sly and Robbie and Amp Fiddler, eagerly anticipated!! Everyone seems to be playing the new reworks of Herbie Hancock so not being one to miss the boat I threw in my favourite mix of the bunch, plus a new one from my favourite label out of Germany, Jazz and Milk. mmm.... been quite sick so took a lot of energy to get this show out. Hopefully will perk up with the next few weeks.


Heavy Mannas said:
Hello B. Sorry to hear about you being a bit crook. Did you ever get any news about your stolen bag? I was hoping someone in Sydney had located it by now.
Easy mate, take cares!
blair said:
yo paul
nah some fool has run off with them for good and the cops are no use up there. he'll turn up again no doubt and we'll get him:)

As far as I know, I am not a robot.

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