Roots & future drum&bass. With a diverse selection from dancefloor fillers to dub rumblers - a show for the real Headz out there.

Playlist 11/01/06

1. stress level & tc1 skanked [advanced ]
2. commix satellite song [metalheadz ]
3. jonny l moonwalking [mr. l recordings ]
4. silent witness tripwire [dnaudio ]
5. dj trace final chapter (motive remix) [dsci4 ]
6. beta 2 vicious circle [metalheadz ]
7. photek dirty [metalheadz ]
8. d-kay serenade [brigand ]
9. seiji control rhythm
10. juju Alright [phuturo ]
11. tactile the mist (klute remix) [timeless ]
12. teebee retrofunk [subtitles ]
13. hive the definition [violence ]
14. heist shutdown [play:musik ]
15. jonny l turn up the bass [mr.l recordings ]
16. sa-ra co-co pops (instrumental) [srcp ]

The first Radio Terrain show for the new year! We kick things off with a few of Motive's favourite things from the year that was. A few select cuts that are fresh off the shelves, add a few that have been gathering dust. Drum&bass reigns supreme in this mix, but watch for a few tidy rhythms across the tempo spectrum.


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