Genre bending tunes that cross the globe and blur the boundaries between Soul, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Hip Hop, Broken Beat, House, and other left-field Electronica.

Playlist 27/10/08

1. Samon Kawamura Sugar Hill feat. Om' Mas [Jazzy Sport]
2. Ruben Rada y Eduardo Uzeta Dedos [Hormiga]
3. The Soul Shakers You Ain't My Brother [Amark]
4. TM Juke and The Jack Baker Trio Put Your Hands Up For Brighton [Tru Thoughts]
5. Cro Magnon Moon Glow [Jazzy Sport]
6. Halif Jemyl Mylament [Gagle/Jazzy Sport]
7. Mo' Horizons Kikibiru (Bahama Soul Club Remix) [AGoGo]
8. Ave Blaste and Lopez Drakefield Soul [Keep Up]
9. Stac Balls Bounce [Wah Wah 45]
10. The Latin Brothers Las Cabanuelas [Fuente]
11. Mr Chop Trip Through The Water Door [Jazz and Milk]
12. Oh No and DJ Mitsu the Beats Bewan feat. Cali Agents [Gagle]
13. Halif Jemyl Radio City [Gagle/Jazzy Sport]
14. The Hi Fly Orchestra Get Down [Tramp]
15. Bronx River Parkway feat. Tito Cruz Nora Se Va [Truth and Soul]
16. Idris Mohammed House of The Rising Sun [Kudu]
17. Gonzales Just Let It Play [EMI]
18. Rainbow Brown Till You Surrender [PAP]
19. Kellee Patterson Till You Surrender [Shady Brook]
20. Gaz Sing Sing [Salsoul]
21. Milt Larkin No Good Woman [Amark]

Another edition of Constant Time bought to you by the letters D.I.S.C.O. If you don't like your disco don't listen to the last third of my show. If you do you are in for some rare treats dug out from my shelves in preparation for playing at a few after parties in coming weeks:) I am talking the funky dirty "not your AWB style" disco.

Amongst the first part of my show I go into the world of some beautiful down tempo Japanese (and other) Hip Hop along with some latin treats from my bag and a bit of chopping up Mr Chop style. A great Bahama Soul Club remix of the Mo Horizon's Kikiburu along with a new artist (to me anyway) in the hip hop school (or is that skool?) Halif Jemyl. If anyone can enlighten me on him feel free to drop me a line.

Enough chat enjoy the tunes.


P of the G said:
Nuthin' wrong with AWB! You know dat...
michael said:
yes yes blair. boogie on !

nice show.
z said:
super** playing it every morning!!
blair said:
thanks zenta:)

As far as I know, I am not a robot.

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