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Playlist 28/11/08

1. Erik Truffaz feat Sly Johnson - Come Together [Blue Note]
2. Monica Blaire - Computer Luv [CDR]
3. Erik Truffaz feat Indrani & Apurba Mukherjee, Malcolm Braff - Saraswati [Blue Note]
4. Lloyd Miller & the Press Keys Quartet - Njonja Mirah & Yona [East West]
5. Nation of Multiverse - African Village [Pravda/Routine]
6. Osian Roberts/Steve Fishwick Quintet - Blackout [Hard Bop]
7. Five Corners Quintet - Skinny Dipping [Ricky-Tick]
8. Greenwood Rhythm Coalition - Salsa Verde [Names You Can Trust]
9. Bost & Bim feat Brisa Roche & Lone Ranger - Jamaican Boy [Bombist]
10. Joker & Rustie - Play Doe [Kapsize]
11. Harmonic 313 - Wobbz [Warp]
12. Dizz1 - Walkon [CDR]
13. Dizz1 - Clocks [CDR]
14. Octave One - Xistence [P-Vine]
15. Beat Street - Magic Kingdom (instrumental) [Essential Media Group]
16. Kink & Neville Watson - Blueprint [Hour House is Your Rush]
17. Black Science Orchestra - Save Us (Ashley Beedle's Disco Throwback Mix) [Junior Boys Own]
18. Senz of Depth - Restless Mind Syndrome [Grandma's Dojo]
19. Mihara - Tears [RL66]
20. Jeff Resnick - Glass [Counterpoint]
21. JSBL - Fooled by Needs [Affine]
22. Grand Agent - Dinosaur [Asfalt]
23. Mos Def - Travelling Man (DJ Mick Remix) [CDR]


For my last Stylin of 2008 I managed to fit two tunes from Erik Truffaz's new Rendevous album trilogy to lead a jazz-oriented start to the show. Then it was more futuristic beats starting with Joker & Rustie and with two solo tunes from Sydney beatmaker Dizz1, who has some impressive collabs on the go, including Dizz & Mass (with Om'mas Keith from Sa-Ra Creative Partners), Mugsy (with Stereotyp) and The Heights (with Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek amongst others). Also there was new 80s-influenced electro, acid house and disco house starting with Beat Street.

In case you missed it, the Bamboos special I did last Thursday night is archived on the 3RRR website at http://www.rrr.org.au/assets/m3u/thebamboosmh27112008-mp3.m3u. The band played a great live-to-air set, then we had Kylie Auldist unplugged accompanied by Lance Ferguson on guitar for both tunes and the Bamboos horns for Cut You Loose.

After my break, I'm back on the first Friday of January with Stylin Loves 2008. For the live listeners, it's great to have Systa BB filling in, no doubt with even more of the worldly fusions than me.

Stylin broadcasts live each Friday on Australia's best known community station, 3RRR-FM Melbourne.

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