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Playlist Bushfire Appeal Show

1. Kokolo It's a New Day [Test]
2. Dusty An Exotic Breed (Umberto Echo's Dub Mix) [Jazz and Milk Recordings]
3. Azaxx Zorbanissimo [Tru Thoughts Test]
4. Astro Can Caravan The Nagual Julian [Ricky Tick Records]
5. Johnny Darkos A Love Supreme [G.A.M.M]
6. Federico Aubele Esta Noche [18th St. Lounge Music]
7. Emiliano Slavador y Ges Icaic Son En 7/4 [Sonar Kollektiv]
8. Bennson Let The Love (Mark Rapson Mix) [Raw Fusion]
9. Nat King Cole Day in Day Out (Cut Chemist Remix) [Test]
10. Jazzanova Let Me Show Ya (feat. Paul Randolph) [Sonar Kollektiv]
11. Rick James Getting It On In The Sunshine [??]
12. Osaka Monaurail Amen Brother [Unique]
13. Randa Khamis Holdin' Strong [CDR]
14. Pat Les Stache Edit African Love Music [Cabana Disco]
15. Nickodemus Street Sounds [Wonderwheel Recordings]
16. Afefe Iku Mirror Dance (Yoruba Soul Mix) [Yoruba Records]
17. Jose James Spirits Up Above (Simbad Deep Remix) [Brownswood Recordings]

The last thing I felt like doing this week was a radio show, but then I thought if one person listens and reads this it will all be worth it.

With the absolute devastation of lives, families, property and wildlife we urge everyone who is in a position to, to please donate to the Bushfire Appeal at

The fires are still burning. Hundreds have lost their lives with hundreds unaccounted for. Predictions are for worse fires to come with the wind increasing this week and another hot spell expected.

Please help where you can.



alexander said:
thanks once again blair, makes my days slip past so much faster :-)
renata said:
nice one blair will give for sure!

As far as I know, I am not a robot.

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