On a recent journey through the hinterlands of Brazil DJ Atari filled up on all the new Favela jams that she could carry. She is back with another killa selection.

Playlist Atari

1. Perdeu Pra Lu Panter Lu Pantera
2. China Girl (Diplo Mix) M.I.A.
3. Eu Vou Te Fazer Mulher MC Edi
4. Cha Ching (Dj Sujinho Baile Funk Mix) Lady Sovereign
5. Gil Para B-Boys Nego Moçambique
6. Agua de Coco Periculosos
7. Bezzi Cansei de Ser Sexy
8. Mensalão Claudinho Nervoso
9. Lady Killer (Diplo Mix) M.I.A.
10. Anum Azul Isaar
11. Boladona Tati Quebra Barraco
12. Alala Cansei de Ser Sexy
13. Sexo Que E Bom Nada The Ment’s
14. Bianca Sabe Dançar Nego Moçambique
15. Blunt of judah Nação Zumbi
16. Expecting 808sex
17. A Minha Menina Os Mutantes
18. Acho um pouco bom Cansei de Ser Sexy

This exceptional mix starts out with some great "Baile Funk", a genre of Funk out of Brazil with a very electronic bassline, artists sample and cut songs of the mid 90s add a bassline and add their own lyrics to it. Moving up the hill into some "Bailectro", a mix of Brazilian electro and punk finally swinging out with some "Tropicalia", a combination of 60s psychadelia,folk and Brazilian popular music. Check the DJ
Sunjinho Baile Funk Mix of Cha Ching from Lady Sovereign!!


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