The outspoken, never lie down unless in front of a bulldozer, Combat Wombat attitude brings summer some fresh air and global perspective.

Playlist Combat Wombat

1. Displaced Peoples - [-]
2. Alternate Energy - [-]
3. Lost Paradise - [-]
4. Q West - [-]
5. Star Wars - [-]
6. Redneck Shock Jock - [-]
7. Days Like These - [-]
8. Aloggerrhythm - [-]
9. Radio Woomera Pt1 - [-]
10. Radio Woomera Pt2 - [-]
11. Milk Cow Mantra - [-]
12. Corruption Dub - [-]
13. Human Shields - [-]
14. Clockwork - [-]
15. End Of The World Dub - [-]

Combat Wombat are an outspoken troupe of hip hop punks mainly located in Melbourne. They've just released their second album "Unsound System". Armed with only samplers, mics and turntables, powered by solar energy and an uncompromising belief in Truth over Spin, these desert nomads are the real deal, creating an album that reflects the frontline activism they have become famous for. Unsound System is a bullet to the dark heart of the Australian psyche.

Sonically rugged and funky, Monkey Marc's beats draw their influence from 70s reggae, Public Enemy's Bomb Squad and the golden era hip hop of the early 1990s. The album moves from A-grade head thunkin' hip hop to seriously heavy dub reggae, all laced with relevant and politically charged vocals and samples, with ARIA award winning DJ Wasabi providing cuts.

MC Elf Tranzporter (Metabass 'n Breath) flows marvelously, rhyming with the gift of enviable flexibility. MC Izzy's approach is the perfect contrast: her stand and deliver, take-no-prisoners approach, injects high-spirited passion into the mix. Together they add a potent combination of hip hop, ragga and punk political flows.

Combat Wombat delve into issues of national identity, the government's treatment of refugees, indigenous sovereignty, US military force and uranium mining with a sense of urgency that is balanced by their ability to turn words into action. They've collaborated with various people on their journey so far including Ozi Batla (The Herd) and Seed MC (TZU).


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