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Playlist 27/05/09

1. Remote Island Radio- Electric Egypt [ Impressions Of The Inexpressible Invisible]
2. Bag of Nothingness - Comfort Fit [ Bag of Nothingness / Error Broadcast]
3. charles shit - dem hunger [ self-released]
4. astro glug - dem hunger [ self-released]
5. The Machine - Exile [ Radio / Plug Research]
6. Look 22 - Débruit [ Clé de bras / Musique Large]
7. Left Field Bass Culture - Monk Fly [ Streetisms Vol 1 / Frequency Lab]
8. Function - Aardvarck [ Pigstyle / Nod Navigators]
9. Death 9000 (Machine Drum Remix) - Mux Mool [ Death 9000 / Moodgadget]
10. Massive error - Ital Tek [ Massive Error / Planet Mu]
11. In System Travel - Jamie Vexd [ In System Travel / ZIQ212]
12. Boogie Woogie Electric Man - Electric Egypt [ Impressions Of The Inexpressible Invisible]
13. Bermuda Love Triangle (feat. Addiquit) - Machine Drum [ Want To 1 2?/Normrex]
14. Do I Know You? - Fatima, Cohen, Cuthead & Dorian Concept [ Various Assets Barcelona / Red Bull Music Academy ]
15. Home - Mike Slott [ Producer No.2 Part 1/ Fat City]
16. Ancestors (prod. Flying Lotus) - Gonja Sufi [ unreleased ]
17. He Was The Man - Constrobuz [ BEATS Vol. 2 / self released]
18. or bachan - Cleptoclectics [ Open Tuned Occidentals / Hello Square Recordings]
19. move on - Cleptoclectics [ Open Tuned Occidentals / Hello Square Recordings]
20. What It Was Will Never Again Telefon Tel Aviv [ Map of What is Effortless / Hefty]
21. Wolf Cub - Burial & Four Tet [ Moth Wolf Club / Text]

Chasing the Tangent has been blown away again this week the quality of music coming out of the underground hip hop and hybridised dubstep arenas. We serve up some newbies by Mux Mool, Jamie Vex'd, Dem Hunger and a collaboration by Burial & Fourtet. Particularly impressed with the latest album by Gonja Sufi, the mystical unveiling of Sydney artist Cleptoclectics latest offering titled "Open Tuned Occidentals" and another Sydney artist, Monk Fly's dance floor stomper "Streetisms Vol.1"

Meanwhile the Red Bull Music Academy is doing its thing again this year worldwide. Applications are now open for London 2010. Here in Australia we will be hearing lectures from Blu and Exile in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane, and from Kode 9 in Sydney and Perth. Its all happening the month of June. Check out http://redbullmusicacademy.com for all the deets about where and when.

We are going to try a give-away on Chasing the Tangent this month. The first two people to leave a message on http://myspace.com/chasingthetangent with their name and address will be the lucky winners of a double CD pack from the Red Bull Music Academy Barcelona edition, featuring Dizz1, Onra, Fatima, Om'mas Keith, Dorian Concept, and so many more amazing artists!


Dizz1 said:
Word em up sofie!
Blair said:
wordy word, adjective and proberb
shwems said:
holy guacamole that shit is well wicked aye. Mad synthetic props to DORIAN CONEPT!
shwems said:
oh but more impertantly, miss sofie!!!
shwems said:
Just revisiting this little gem after many moons... now being Dec 09. Man the bass in dat Aardvarck track is sick oink oink :o)

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