Roots & future drum&bass. With a diverse selection from dancefloor fillers to dub rumblers - a show for the real Headz out there.

Playlist 25/01/06

1. motive jettison [- ]
2. toasty knowledge [hotflush recordings ]
3. cujo & jenna g no way [soundtrax ]
4. motive domino [dispatch ]
5. clipz new dawn [- ]
6. dose indulge [- ]
7. heist metal slug [metalheadz ]
8. motive roll the dice [- ]
9. shapeshifter phenomenon [timeless ]
10. heist what once was [metalheadz ]
11. big bud children of jah (motive remix) [soundtrax ]
12. visionary no love [play:musik ]
13. jonny l joe [mr.l recordings ]
14. hidden agenda channel beyond [metalheadz]

On the menu today is the finest in filthy basslines. The show intros with two heavy dubstep numbers that deliver dirty subs in abundance. Switch up the tempo and we enter into drum&bass - all overdriven basslines & dirty beats. To finish the show we go back in time to hear legendary drum&bass producers Hidden Agenda and their unique take on electro.


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