The deepchild sound? Low-slung disco dubs and teched out boogie fusions, with underlying nods toward everything from West-Coast G-funk to Berlin minimal techno and experimentia...

Playlist Deepchild

1. Skidoos Akufen
2. Reason and Responsibility Matthew Dear
3. Alone (original mix) Grey
4. Mercy Dub deepchild
5. Alain Britto Lucien 'n' Luciano
6. Blackness of the Sea (Deepchild 12" mix) deepchild
7. I Like Your Style Unai
8. Lifetime deepchild
9. Needless [a]pendics.shuffle
10. It's Ok Secondo
11. Love Oh Love Farben
12. King in My Empire Rhythm and Sound

It's been a big couple of years for Deepchild (aka Rick Bull) to say the least - freshly returned from touring across Berlin, Italy and London and thoroughly road-worthy after a slew of festivals, live shows and Dj dates from Cairns to Perth, supports for Recloose, Ursula Rucker, Nitin Sawhney and Lamb....

Three albums later, several new 12"s and countless tracks licensed internationally to everyone from Ministry of Sound to ABC Music and the journey continues, 'burnin' down Babylon' as only Deepchild can.

With new original material already being playlisted by none other than BBC 1's auspicious (UK) taste-maker, Giles Peterson along with being Radio Deejay's (Italy) Allesio Bertolli's ('B-Side' on Radio Deejay) top pick for his recent future-soul compilation, "Bertallosophie FFWD" (V2, Italy) Europe is beginning to get its first taste of Antipodean dub-styled electronica.

Add to this not insubstantial props from Jazzanova, Jimpster (Freerange UK), Chris Duckenfield, Chicago's finest - Soultek and Unai (Force Inc), Ben Mono (Compost Records), and American dance-bible, BPM Magazine, Rolling Stone, De:Bug (Berlin) and The Wire (UK), new remixes from Forcetracks' legendary Luomo (aka Vladislav Delay, well know know for recent remix work for Massive Attack and Gold Chains) and remix work for Freerange Records' (London) glitch-disco prodegys Square One and Jimpster, the next year or so should be nothing if not large!. More super-fresh 12"s scheduled for international release on the Future Classic imprint should open more than a few eyes, with some rather special new international collaborations and remixes taking the fresh'n'jackin sounds of "il bambino profundo" to the rest of the world.


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