Genre bending tunes that cross the globe and blur the boundaries between Soul, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Hip Hop, Broken Beat, House, and other left-field Electronica.

Playlist 7/07/09

1. Les Fleur 4 Hero [Talkin Loud ]
2. Perception Electric Wire Hustle [Wonderful Noise ]
3. Fallin' Down feat. Parks Julien Dyne [CDR ]
4. Ghetto Aardvaark [Nod Navigators ]
5. Anyway the Wind Blows Jay Bordeaux [Nod Navigators ]
6. Coco Indonesia Louis Bordeaux [Nod Navigators ]
7. Her Marshmallow Secret Dorian Concept [Kindred Spirits ]
8. Raw Material Ruben Rahametwal [Nod Navigators ]
9. I Can't Help It Mark de Clive Lowe feat. Lady Alma [CDR ]
10. Dirty Beauty feat Erykah Badu SA-RA Creative Partners [Ubiquity ]
11. Gamble on ya Boy Madlib the Beat Konducta [BBE ]
12. Off to the Races (Meanest Man Contest Remix) Daedelus [CDR ]
13. King of Fighters Del The Funky Homosapien [Hieroglyphics Imperium ]
14. (I Need) Altitude James Black [Night Train ]
15. Arianita Quantic & his Combo Barbaro [Tru Thoughts ]
16. Snatch Supestereo [Vampi Soul ]
17. King of Funk Campeon & Calagad 13 [Vampi Soul ]
18. Extra! Watch TV [Vampi Soul ]
19. Mind Power (Basement Freaks Remix) James Brown [Good Groove ]
20. Thursday, August 9 2007 Carlos Nino [Kindred Spirits ]
21. Nag Champa Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood Ferguson [Art Don't Sleep ]
22. 9 Moons Full Carlos Nino [Kindred Spirits ]
23. With Azul Carlos Nino [Kindred Spirits ]
24. Speak Low Big Bang [Arison ]
25. Hi-Fly Povo [Raw Fusion ]
26. Stop It Now Eddie Russ [Monument]
27. Kalimba Story Earth, Wind & Fire [Columbia ]

This weeks show could well be bought to you by Kindred Spirits label in the Netherlands. So much fantastic music released by them this month that I just had to lay a heap down.

I appreciate it is not going to be everyone's taste but that is the way it is sometimes.

They (Kindred Spirits) have just launched a sub label called Nod Navigators, as seems to be the norm among a lot of record companies these days, and I have taken several tracks from that. I have also done a small exclusive on Carlos Ninos new album, 'With A Little Help From'. I have always been a great fan of this man's music and this ablum is no exception to his talent.

Also on the show are several tracks from the new Spanish Funk Compilation, 'Grooveadelia 2'. Funky stuff! Plus a whole heap more.

I hope you enjoy.



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