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Playlist 14/07/09

1. Illa J Sounds Like Love feat. Debi Nova [Giant Step ]
2. Speech Debelle Wheels in Motion feat. Roots Manuva [Big Dada ]
3. The Heliocentrics Sirius B feat. Vast Aire [Fatbeats ]
4. Dudley Perkins Zoom feat. MED [Pistrophik Peach Sound ]
5. MED Soon Find Out [Stones Throw ]
6. Computer Paul feat. Michelle Amador Does It? (Peter Munch Remix) [Bagpak ]
7. 7 Samurai God's Props (Panoptikum Remix) [GAMM ]
8. Everything In It's Right Place (Afefe Iku Re-edit) [White ]
9. Christian Prommer Around the World (Samon Kawamura Remix) [Sonar Kollektiv ]
10. Madlib Track 1 [Beat Konducta Vol 5 Dil Cosby Suite for Jaydee ]
11. Madlib Track 2 [Beat Konducta Vol 5 Dil Cosby Suite for Jaydee ]
12. Madlib Track 3 [Beat Konducta Vol 5 Dil Cosby Suite for Jaydee ]
13. Carlos Nino and Friends Rosarito/Creative Cries [Kindred Spirits ]
14. Cro Magnon PUSH! feat. TWIGY [Jazzy Sport ]
15. Cro Magnon Triplesteal [Jazzy Sport ]
16. Cro Magnon Midnight Magic feat. Roy Ayers [Jazzy Sport ]
17. Cro Magnon Acid Typhoon [Jazzy Sport ]
18. Cro Magnon Swinger than Doubt [Jazzy Sport ]
19. Timo Lassy The More I Look At You feat. Jose James [Ricky Tick Records ]
20. Alif Tree Without Her(th) [Compost ]
21. Bobby Blackbird and the Bluejays Don't Need Nobody [Cardboard City Records ]
22. Cookin' on 3 Burners Settle the Score (Diesler Remix) [Freestyle Records ]
23. Lee Fields Problems [Truth and Soul ]
24. Golden Sounds Freedom feat. Reggie Watts [CDR ]
25. Mos Def Supermagic [Downtown Music ]
26. Samon Kawamura Tokyo Love [Jazzy Sport ]
27. Janeiro Jarel Doinis!! feat. Dr. Who Dat [Kindred Spirits ]

Inside Vibe this week has some real treats. A world exclusive of the new album from Cro Magnon as yet to have a release schedule and it is dope!! Vocal appearances from Roy Ayers and Twigy. I play five tracks off this amazing piece of disco house jazz that this Tokyo three piece bring ...
As well as three tunes off the new Madlib album "Beat Konducta Vol 5 Dil Cosby Suite for Jaydee". No liner notes otherwise i would know what the tunes are called.
Along with a pile of new material from the likes of Jose James guesting on Timo Lassy's new tune, Alif Tree, Dudley Perkins, The Heliocentrics, MED, Janeiro Jarel and much more.
I am now off to Japan for a few gigs over the coming weeks. The next Inside Vibe will be broadcast on Shiubya FM 78.4MhZ at 4pm on Saturday July 18th(not sure if i can get a copy of this show but will try and put it up online if possible). Then I am off to Tsuruga, Fukui to play two shows at the world famous Tree on July 24th and 25th. Will be fun!
If you are over that way pop in and say hi!



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