On the hunt for innovative music, tracing the tangents of sound from current incarnations back to their roots.

Playlist 22/09/09

1. Emora (Dorian Concept Remix) - The Clonious [ Adroit Adventures / Ubiquity Recordings]
2. Eggplantation - ill.gates [ Autopirate / Muti Music]
3. Panic On Funkatron - Non+Herrmutt Lobby [ Hunter / Catune]
4. Wizard Swing Warriors - Benny B. Blonco [ Bag of Nothingness / Portamat]
5. whoomp - dipak chand [ everywhere (the inofficial) / self released]
6. dem culture - mother rank dem hunger [ self - released /]
7. extreme malice - eLan [ magnificent mistakes / self released]
8. Love Is Here 2nite (I Can Feel It) - Dam-Funk [ Toeachizown Vol. 3: Life / Stones Throw]
9. Stained Glass Fresh Frozen - Julien Dyne [ Pins & Digits / FTC + Wonderful Noise ]
10. Nirvana Shafiq Husayn [ Shafiq En' A Free Ka / Rapster Records]
11. Masenqo (Radio Edit) - Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics [ Inspiration Information / Strut Records]
12. Intro B - The Gaslamp Killer [ My Troubled Mind EP / Brainfeeder+Alpha Pup]
13. Bold Soul Sister ['Just Hangin Out'] - Ike & Tina Turner [ Breaking Atoms: Original Samples / ]
14. Mo' Mess On My Thing - Poets of Rhythym [ This is Daptone / Daptone ]
15. Baby - Phenomenal Handclap Band [ Phenomenal Handclap Band / Friendly Fire Recordings]
16. Dreams - Stevo [ Muffins / self released]
17. Alright You Have To Leave - Constrobuz [ BEATS Vol. 2 / self released]
18. Behave - Ocuban [ Behave Decently / self released]
19. Relief Choir - Prefuse 73 [ The Forest Of Oversensitivity / Warp]
20. Crying On The In - fLako [ First Space Shit On The Moon /]
21. Airspace - jackhigh [ Interplanetary Thoughts / self released]
22. Palm Trees - M.O.R. [ Masters Of Ribongia / self released]
23. Maculae - The Fibbonaccis [ (fi'-bo-na'-chez) / Index Records]
24. Sketch for Summer - The Durutti Column [ The Return of the Durutti Column /Factory Records]
25. My People... Hold On - Eddie Kendricks [ My People - Hold On]

Welcome back listeners after a fair few months break. I've been gallivanting around the planet getting up to all kinds of mischief, and now I am going to try and make up for lost time by packing a bunch of amazing tracks into this episode. Special mentions include "Ill Gates" (aka the Phat Conducta), Sydney-sider M.O.R. from his latest album Masters of Ribongia, a sneak preview track from Shafiq Husayn's new album set for release October 6th and a glorious jam by Dam Funk from Toeachizown Vol 3: Life. Even though there is a crapload of great new releases which we touch on for the first part of the podcast I can't help but go back a bit and play you some really really old school tracks, possibly because there is a fair few tracks in this podcast that SOUND like they could have been written in the early sixties. Artists like the Gas Lamp Killer, Poets of Rhythm, the Phenomenal Handclap Band, and the Heliocentrics have been so incredibly influenced by the psych, soul and funk era, so we just have to pay some serious homage to some o/g's: Ike and Tina Turner, the Fibonnacis, Durutti Column and Eddie Kendricks, the latter who clearly inspired Erykah Badu with the track "My People....Hold on". Now that I have heard the original, I can't work out which version I like better. They are both so great, which I guess is a sign of the times.


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