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Playlist 29/09/09

1. DJ Day & Miles Bonny Still Miles [ Melting Pot Music ]
2. Esperanto Only a Miracle [ Soul Jazz Records ]
3. The Matthew Herbert Big Band Just Swing [ !K7 ]
4. Dalindeo Go Ahead Float [ Ricky Tick Records ]
5. Julien Dyne Falling Down feat. Parks [ Wonderful Records ]
6. Cro Magnon ERA 002 [ Jazzy Sport ]
7. Beatspoke We Don't See (Fujimoto Tetsuro Mix) [ Inphusion Records ]
8. The New Mastersounds San Frantico [ Decade ]
9. AFMB A Freindly Ride on the Pressure Boat [ Black ]
10. Ralf Gum & Monique Bingham Little W. 12th St. [ GOGO Music ]
11. Buggle Gum D Construction [ White ]
12. Roland Schwarz A Long Way (Parov Stelar Mix) [ Etage Noir ]
13. Makossa & Megablast Marrakesh Pt.1 & 2 [ CDR ]
14. Speaklow I Dont Need No ... What [ Lovemonk ]
15. The Dealers The Last Emperor [ Ariston ]
16. J Rawls & John Robinson She's So Brilliant feat. Rashad [ Beatvizion ]
17. J Rawls & John Robinson Love Me Good feat. Dominique Larue [ Beatvizion ]
18. J Rawls & John Robinson Type Sounds [ Beatvizion ]
19. Ryota Nozaki ? [ Flower ]
20. Timo Lassy The More I Look at You feat. Jose James [ Ricky Tick Records]

Another week and another show and what a show if i say so myself, all credit to some amazing new material that I picked up during the week. A fantastic new concept album has just come out by J Rawls and John Robinson... hip hop meets 60s jazz; I take three tracks off this toward the end. The New Mastersounds are back and large with a new tune called "San Frantico"... have I heard anything this funky before? Oh yeh and new tune from Miles Bonny together with DJ Day kicks off the Inside Vibe for this week.

Lots of other new songs, including a half hour house set from the likes of Ralf Gum, Bubblegum, AFMB and more... I will let you be the judge; I can but say enjoy!


oh yeh if you have any tunes just send them in


As far as I know, I am not a robot.

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