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Playlist 21/10/09

1. Linkwood - Tears [ Prime Numbers]
2. Chuck Brown - Back it up (dj pharaoh edit) [ funky saturday 12"]
3. Popular Peoples Front - Space race [ Popular Peoples Front]
4. Mazerati - 100mph (Anorak edit) [ Anorak edits]
5. Space Rangers - Keep on movin [ Plimsoll Records]
7. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Wake up everybody [ Old Gold]
8. Commodores - Zoom [ Motown]
9. Creative Source - You can’t hide love [ Sussex]
10. The Jones Girls - Sweet Ecstasy [ Arp]
11. Dam Funk - Burgundy City [ Stones Throw]
12. Feel - Let’s rock over [ Sutra]
13. One Way - You can do it [ MCA]
14. Lousito Quintero - Gbagada, Gbagada, Gbogodo, Gbogodo [ BBE]
15. Mark De Clive Lowe - Relax Unwind (Afrojas Ricanstruction) [ ABCD]
16. Pearson Sound - WAD [ Hessle Audio]
17. Mugwump - Miseri Dub [ Misericordings]
End of mix
19. Saag - Rose Rouge (2009 Jazz Perspective) [ GAMM NOTE]
20. The Doves - Jet stream (Lindstrom remix) [ White]
21. Boredoms - Antio (Lindstrom remix) [ Thrill Jockey]
22. Jonathan Jeremiah - Happiness (Morgan Gesit remix) [ Island Records]

Well its been eight months since my last show and man, how time flies! In the past few months I’ve moved house, launched a record label and released my first ever 12”. At least I’ve been productive eh! And what a year it has been for fantastic music as well. Way too much stuff to catch up on in one show so expect a few end of year special shows in the closing month of 2009!

Firstly just want to say its great to be back, I’ve really missed doing these shows but my love and support for fresh new music has never faded out. Tastes may have changed somewhat along the way as influences discover new sounds past and present… Expect the show to take more of a representation of what’s been doing it for me recently music wise and so on to what treats we have for you this week…

Well first up a should mention we have a fantastic new mix from Andrea Trout, recorded exclusively for us here at Straight Up. Massive thank you to Andrea as with out her kicking me up the arse this show would probably still be in limbo! A proper selection of warm soul, disco and wonky basslines with a sprinkling of afro influences. Just what we like round these parts.

As for myself we kick things off with an ace track from the new Linkwood album on Prime Numbers, following that with a selection of some of the finest edits of the past few months. Check out Popular Peoples Front with the cheek to sample Marvin’s classic Funky Space Reincarnation. Such an amazing take on that you’ll be hard pushed to fault it. Also I’ve given you a cheeky upfront play of the new 12” on Plimsoll Records. Space Rangers doing a re-edit of a remix with their massive take on D-Train’s Keep on. Massively pleased to be able to put this out on our label

Wrapping up the show this week with the Saag edit of St Germain. This got a massive reaction when I played it out last weekend. Everyone thought it was the original until that piano dropped. BOOOOM!
My favourite remix of the year no contest is Lindstroms take on the Doves Jetstream, before taking it even more wonky with his remix of the Boredoms. Had to calm the show down with one artist to definitely watch out for next year, Jonathan Jeremiah, Morgan Geist remix. Just sublime

Its great to be back, cheers for tuning in and I hope you enjoy the music

All feedback greatly appreciated


Mat Hoods


Chris The Dancer. said:

Loving this. Right up my 'Rue'.
gk said:
so good to have you back man!! don't leave us hanging again : )
Mikael said:
Finalmente! Nice Selection. Listening right now.
martin said:
he is leaving us hanging again come on hoods lets have the next episode
mightymp3 said:
here is the new mix jan-feb
enjoy until hoods is revived again

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