So glad that very good friend Chikashi Nishiwaki had time to lay down a special one hour jazz-groove mix after a weekend at Chill Island Festival together.

Playlist 19/01/10 with Chikashi Nishiwaki

1. St. Liquor-ish Juno [ CDR ]
2. Lewis McCallum First Date feat Fran Kora [ CDR ]
3. Liquid Spirits Say It Aint So [ ? ]
4. Kafka Illumination (Chikashi Nishiwaki Mix) [ Mighty Highness ]
5. Cro Magnon Ane feat. IZPON [ Jazzy Sport ]
6. Azymuth Misturada (Laranjeiras Remix) [ Far Out Recordings ]
7. UFO with DJ Harvey ? [ White Label ]
8. Quasimode Relight My Fire [ Blue Note ]
9. Jazztronik Real Clothes (We Love Ryota Boogie Mix) [ Mukatsuku ]
10. Makoto & Kez Ym Chameleon [ Mukatsuku ]
11. AFMB Here & There (Sunshine and Rain Live Version) [ Black Label ]
12. Messengers First Left [ Black Label ]
13. Dedicacc Steppin [ Discograph ]
14. Unknown I Want Your Love (re - edit) [ White Label ]
15. Johnny Hammond Fantasy (Faze Action Remix) [ Juno Records ]
16. Da Lata This Is Not Your Job [ Papa Records ]
17. Underdog Edits No 9 Un known [ Black Label ]
18. Azymuth Faca De Conta (Roni Size Remix) [ Far Out Recordings ]
19. Illa J Sounds Like Love (Carlos Nino Remix) [ CDR ]
20. Paul Murphy The Trip [ Routine Jazz]

Just spent the last four days down at Phillip Island playing at Chill Island Festival and generally enjoying the summer with good freinds.

I played with Chikashi Nishiwaki, Karsten John and The Dusk Brothers there and Chikashi is today once again laying it down thick on the Inside Vibe style with a one hour guest mix.

I hope you enjoy the show and all the bits and pieces i throw down in the half hour either side.



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