Melbourne waves. Spacial manipulation of sound.

Playlist 08/02/06

1. daara j babylone [wrasse records]
2. mylene farmer q. 1 [stuffed monkey]
3. Davendra banhart I feel just like a child [remote control]
4. Dios melos I want it all [vagrant records]
5. Tarwater across the dial [morr]
6. Zap & music Electric president farewell [morr music ]
7. Zap & roger more bounce to the ounce [warner]
8. Larry maluma what is love [safari music]
9. Alton ellis dance crasher [treasure isle ]
10. Anthony b heavy like lead [kennedy intern records]
11. Secret masters prayer call [master tunes]
12. Asa chang junray tupiginepu to ittemta [promotional cd]
13. Frances plagne the ballad of the snail [synesthesia records]

a voyage to senegal with a maximum lean to hip hop – to quebec, america & electronic

meanderin’ - funky rhythm & blues to even phunkier african australian-reggae old skool

& new – blissful dub to japanese that quakes & the chamber rock finale...


As far as I know, I am not a robot.