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Playlist 13/04/10 with Soul Mirage

1. Sofie Loizou Millions feat. Natalia Grosiak [Radical Nature Records ]
2. Zo Nu done [CDR ]
3. Space Invadas See Em Hear Em [Remote Contol ]
4. Skymark Chaossyndrom [Modern Sun Records ]
5. Skymark Pleasure feat. Joseph Junior [Modern Sun Records ]
6. My Disco Young [Black Label ]
7. The Last Electro -Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble Mystic Voyage (for Roy Ayers) [Stones Throw ]
8. Joe Vierra Sextett A Song For My Father [Tramp Records ]
9. Das Goldene Zeitalter A Vision Part One feat. Bajka [Tramp Records ]
10. The Gigoletto Brass Band Africa Con Bajo [Lovemonk Records ]
11. Lee Morgan The Joker [Blue Note ]
12. The Putbacks Busted [Hopestreet Recordings ]
13. High Roller Sneaky Fox [Bastard Jazz ]
14. Beta Hector feat. Dionne Charles Payback [Tru Thoughts ]
15. Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro Yellow Soul Force [Jazzman ]
Soul Mirage Interview
17. Soul Mirage Duck Duck [CDR ]
18. Soul Mirage All Part of Life [CDR ]
19. Soul Mirage I Decide [CDR ]
20. Soul Mirage Carmen San Diego [CDR ]
21. Soul Mirage Something Else [CDR ]
End Interview
23. Parov Stelar & Lilja Bloom Coco Remixed [Etage Noir ]
24. Boohgaloo Zoo No Joke [Lovemonk ]
25. Miqi O Changes [CDR ]
26. Mop Mop Aria [INFRACom ]
27. Mop Mop Hot Pot [INFRACom ]
28. Makossa & Megablast Soy Como Soy feat. Cleydys Villalon [CDR]

Again with the so music start to my blurb. This week i have Soul Mirage step into the studio to play some of his upcoming album that is not yet complete but if this is the crux of it, then it is going to be somthing else! Interview included.

Along with new music from Mop Mop, Sofie Loizou, Skymark has a brand new album out which is full of goodness; as well as a look at some new releases on Tramp Records, Lovemonk, Bastard Jazz and a pile more.

I hope you enjoy it as much as i do.


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