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Playlist 27/04/10

1. The RAah Project Trick of The Late Night (Cessa Remix) [ Summerdawn ]
2. AFMB A Freindly Ride on the Pressure Boat [Black Label ]
3. Mop Mop Hot Pot [INFRACom ]
4. Orgone Time Tonight [Ubiquity ]
5. Idris Muhammed Boogie To The Top [Kudu Records ]
6. Rose Royce Funk Factory [Whitfield Records ]
7. The Baker Brothers Space Funk [Freestyle Records ]
8. Matthew Halsall On The Other Side Of The World [Gondwana ]
9. Lizzy Parks Forever and a Day (Eric Lau Remix) [Tru Thoughts ]
10. Electric Wire Hustle They Don't Want [Brownswood Recordings ]
11. Jamie Lidell Compass [Warp Records ]
12. Baggage For Sale Shuanise [CDR ]
13. Sietta Sex and Candy [CDR ]
14. Saffrolla fet. Blu Rum 13 Love To Hate War [ ]
Carl Craig presents Tribe Rebirth
16. Tribe Lesli [Community Projects ]
17. Tribe Ride [Community Projects ]
18. Tribe Jazz On The Run [Community Projects ]
19. Tribe Denekas Chant [Community Projects ]
21. Makala Ska Con Boogalo [Lovemonk ]
22. Gotan Project La Gloria [XL Recordings ]
23. Gotan Project Mil Milliones [XL Recordings ]
24. La Cherga Down Dominations Pt. 2 (Brian May Remix) [Beaming Productions ]
25. Valique Where Is The Love (Mop Mop Remix) [Freestyle Records]


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