World-psy-dub to chill up or warm down to - surrounded by core provoking bass and vocals. For all those who groove comfortably from inside-out.

Playlist 22/02/06

1. Andy Rantzen and Nancy Valentine Viewing Creation [Clan Analogue]
2. Nouvelle Vague A Forest feat. Marina
3. Imogen Heap (Jon Hopkins compilation) Hide and Seek [Platypus Records]
4. Pixeltan (Scratch Massive mix) Get up say what (DFA Remix)
5. Coldcut feat. Annette Peacock Just for the Kick [Ninja Tunes]
6. Mad Woman Jennifer Levy
7. Huntemann (Scratch Massive mix) Boys Girls
8. Scratch Massive Girls on Top
9. Tosca Superrob (Henrik Schwarz Mix)
10. Ursula Rucker Spirit Chant [!K7]
11. Wild Marmalade Sunrise Eyes
12. Huntemann (Scratch Massive mix) Body Rockin?
13. Kelley Polar The rooms in my house have many parties
14. Annette Peacock Pony
15. Pulseprogramming Here give it here I?ll show you
16. Rinocerose Fahr Zur Zholle
17. Isolee My Hi Matic
18. The Bird Little Elephant [Valve]
19. Madita To the Moon and back
20. Marc Hellner You the picture

This time round in the Undercurrents we put on our floaties and roll with the waves. Some will make you bounce while others will see you boppin' along with a smile in ya style.
So gear up for some floatation in your rotation...


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