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Playlist 11/05/10

1. Mayra Caridad Valdes Roforofo Fight [ Havana Cultura ]
2. Free Hole Negro Listos 'Pa La Lucha [ Havana Cultura ]
3. SY & EL Camina Como Comico [ Plimsoll Records ]
4. DJ Mitsu The Beats Tokyo Girl feat. Maspyke [ Jazzy Sport ]
5. Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood Ferguson Inspiration [ Kindred Spirits ]
6. Shafiq Husayn Egypt feat. Jessie West & Kahil Sadiq [ CDR ]
7. Jazz Liberatorz Mountain Sunlight feat. Mos Def [ Jazz Lib ]
8. SY & EL Crawfish [ Plimsoll Records ]
9. Diesler Deepest Cuba [ Social Beats ]
10. Jazz Juice Star Ski & Putz [ Freestyle Records ]
11. Soul Sugar Play it Back [ Freestyle Records ]
12. Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro Mr. Soul Machine Gun [ P Vine ]
13. Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro Caught In The Middle [ P Vine ]
14. Kings Go Forth Don't Take My Shadow (Tom Moutlon Extended Remix) [ Luaka Bop ]
15. K'Bonus Kletsmariet [ Love Monk ]
16. Makala Meneito Magistral (Bacalao al Pil-Pil) [ Love Monk ]
17. Quantic presenta Flowering Inferno Dub y Guaguano [ Tru Thoughts ]
18. Tropical Soundclash Rift Valley Groove (Tropical Treats Edit) [ Sofrito ]
19. Hedzoleh Hedzoleh! [ Soundway ]
20. Quincy Jones Produces Strawberry Letter 23 feat. Akon [ Giant Steps Test ]
21. Harvey Scales Dancing Room Only [ Casablanca Records ]
22. Zeep Zeep Dreams (DJ LK Remix) [ Far Out Recordings]

My last show I am going to post for a few weeks.

A very cuban and funky feel to the show this week. Some amazing tunes on the show this week with some releases from Quantic, new album from Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro, Kings Go Forth, Sy & El and a lot more.

Some boogie as always thrown in as well as a cover of Quincy Jones' Strawberry Letter 23 from Akon.

Enjoy and see you in a few weeks.

Don't forget to get down to Jazz Rooms Melbourne on May 22nd at The Order of Melbourne!


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