Melbourne waves. Spacial manipulation of sound.

Playlist 5/03/06

1. Tujiko noriko shayou (settin’ sun) [room 40]
2. Nice parade the boat room [bubble core records]
3. Windup toys switch on [creative vibes]
4. Issa banayoga dya bana [6 degrees ]
5. Clotaire k beyrouth ecoeuree [mgm]
6. Stretch I cant believe in sweet ritual [kog]
7. a midnite prize your name [I grade records]
8. King tubby dubbin’ my baby [delta music]
9. Chad vangaalen kill me in my sleep [stomp]
10. Melk hummel [statler waldorf]
11. Cobra killer high in the pine [monika enterprise]
12. Dirty projectors I will truck [western vinyl ]
13. Minus story knockin’ on your head [secretly canadian ]
14. Squarepusher tetra sync [warp ]

Sweetness from japan – australian twitches - malian vocals & lebanese hip hop -

Ragga & dub with electronic waves - crazy girls from germany – american psych rock

& a little jazzed drum n’ bass...


As far as I know, I am not a robot.