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Playlist 21/09/10 with Andras Fox

1. Sonia Santos Speed [RCA]
2. The Drum Session Mouth to Mouth Resusciation [Philips]
3. Cuba Libre Cuba Libre [JVC]
4. Sa-Ra Rosebuds [BBE]
5. Erykah Badu Green Eyes [BBE]
6. Erik Rico & Marc Mac Destiny [Lifenotes Records]
7. Bilal Robots [CDR]
8. Dujeous Smokable Snack (Nirobi Re-Edit) [Tru Thoughts]
9. Sei A A Day In The Life [CDR]
10. Faze Liquide Agora [IRMA]
11. Made In Japan Babyspace (DJ Mitsu the Beats Remix) [Citywurl]
12. Tettorglad Ruff & Tuff (feat. Randolph) (DJ Mitsu the Beats Remix) [Jazzy Sport]
13. Elizabeth Shephard Seven Bucks (DJ Mitsu the Beats Remix) [Do Right Music]
14. Alif Tree Aurevoir (John Gazoo Remix) [CDR]
Interview with Andras Fox
16. Andras Fox Come Into My Garden [CDR]
17. Andras Fox Getting Into You [CDR]
18. Andras Fox Love Is Gone [CDR]
End of Interview
20. The Liquid Crystal Project A Tribute to Dilla [Turntable Jazz]
21. Ovall Mary (Flying Beats) [Origami]
22. Mabanua Live Show (feat.Akil & Pupa Don) [Origami]
23. Yukihiro Atsumi I Hear The Music [Origami]
24. 45 aka Swing O I Believe feat. Stephanie McKay [Origami]
25. Mabanua Holdin' It Down feat. Kev Brown [Origami]

This week's Inside Vibe I have local producer Andras Fox step in from the bush for a quick chat about Red Bull Music Academy 2010, technology and listen to some of his new tunes. As well as a special on Japanese Hip Hop outfit Ovall and all their side projects, a small feature on DJ Mitsu the Beats' new remix compilation, a few tracks from Gilles Peterson's Worldwide comp to be released next month, some jazz goodies and a load more!


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