Roots & future drum&bass. With a diverse selection from dancefloor fillers to dub rumblers - a show for the real Headz out there.

Playlist 8/03/06

1. matrix undersea flight [metalheadz ]
2. goldie angel (album version) [metalheadz/ffrr ]
3. wax doctor the step [metalheadz ]
4. rufige kru t3 [metalheadz ]
5. dillinja jah know ya big [metalheadz ]
6. j majik your sound [metalheadz ]
7. j majik your sound remix [razor's edge ]
8. optical raging calm [metalheadz ]
9. hidden agenda channel [metalheadz ]
10. rufige kru beachdrifta [metalheadz ]
11. future cut obsession [metalheadz ]
12. rufige kru ghost life (total science remix) [metalheadz ]
13. dillinja promise [metalheadz ]
14. invaderz revealed [metalheadz ]
15. d-kay & lee wax'd [metalheadz ]
16. d-bridge&vegas true romance [metalheadz platinum]
17. rufige kru say you love me [metalheadz ]
18. special forces dirty [metalheadz ]
19. beta 2 vicious circle [metalheadz ]
20. heist what once was [metalheadz ]
21. goldie angel reprise [metalheadz/ffrr]

This week's edition of Terrain Radio goes deep into the Metalheadz back catalogue. Motive selects a stack of both well known anthems and a few hard to find remixes and album cuts that illustrates Metalheadz to the fullest - drums & bass, light & dark, beautiful & ugly. Put together in roughly chronological order this mix shows how much the Metalheadz sound has stayed true to its original vibe. Bookmarked at either end with the two halves of Goldie's classic track "Angel" - this mix is a must for all Headz fans.


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