Camo has laid down a mighty fine mix of what he thinks are some of the best grime/dub sounds around. Lowslung? Yes we say mighty!!

Playlist Camo

1. Horsepower Productions Hand Of Death [Tempa]
2. Digital Mystikz Neverland [DMZ]
3. D1 Degrees [Tempa]
4. Same People “Dangerous 2005” Tha Grimestep Mix [Mask]
5. Coki Officer [DMZ]
6. Loefah Root [DMZ]
7. Kode 9 Sub-Kontinent [Rephlex]
8. Plasticman Industrial Graft [Rephlex]
9. Vex’D Pop Pop V.I.P [Planet Mu]
10. DaVinChe High Voltage [Paper Chase Recordings]
11. ? ? [Solid City Records]
12. Kano Mic Check Remix Instrumental [679]
13. Fire Camp No Remix [?]
14. ? Shoggle Rhythm [?]
15. The Mitchell Brothers Routine Check Instrumental [The Beats]
16. Low Deep Ignorant Refix [Colourful State]
17. Skepta Private Caller: Pt2 (Inst) [Masterbeatz Entertainment]
18. Virus Syndicate Girls [Planet Mu]

Well welcome to my grime/dubstep/wotucallit mix. Its ruff, ruggerd, raw, diverse and bass heavy. After a hot day n few beers this wasn’t gonna be cleanest mix you’ve heard but ruffed up sides always brings character to a mix. It tells the story of wot ive been feeling lately. It represents a style I don’t hear anywhere apart from internet radio. I get mixed reactions in clubs. But anyway sit back n enjoy n tell me wot you think of it on Later!


As far as I know, I am not a robot.