World-psy-dub to chill up or warm down to - surrounded by core provoking bass and vocals. For all those who groove comfortably from inside-out.

Playlist 8/03/06

1. Loop Guru Bathtime
2. Dublee Bayard
3. Meat Beat Manifesto Spinning
4. Kaly Live Dub Funny Bway
5. DJ Koze Don?t feed the cat
6. Big Seac Nah Nah Mob
7. Aphrodite BM Funkster
8. Ecliptic Zero Point (Lunar Sound Remix)
9. DJ Koze Dangernugget
10. Shitmat Original Babylon
11. Sway Up your speed (feat. Bruza skinnyman pyrelli bigs and triple threat mob)
12. Dieter Schmidt Morse code from the cold war (Scratch Massive remix)
13. Lorin Bassnectar The wicked twitch of the west
14. Sufjan Stevens A short reprise for Mary Todd who went insane but for very good reasons
15. To Rococo Rot Dahlem
16. Ola Bergman Alabaster figure
17. Shitmat Badman Ballad
18. Jackson and his computer band Tean beat ocean
19. To Rococo Rot Tal
20. Scratch Massive Sal
21. Xela Drawing Pictures of girls
22. Jah Lloyd (restructured and produced by D.Cunn) Ash and Diamond
23. Loop Guru Fumsbow

This time 'round in the undercurrents we begin with a stress free soak in some warm relaxing sounds...then we head upstream for some harder british electro...finally drying ourselves off with a nice dousing of mellow dub. Refreshments anyone?


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