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Playlist 1/03/11

1. Geoffrey Williams My Mother's Cooking [CDR]
2. Lee Fields I Don't Know Where I'm Going [Truth & Soul]
3. Speedometer Again & Again (DJ Format Mix) [Freestyle]
4. The Presidents Before The Peaks Turns Red [CDR]
5. The Liberators Denga feat. JoJo Kuo [Record Kicks]
6. Cuba Libre Cuba Libre (Reprise) [Far Out Recordings(re-release)]
7. Les Nubians Afrodance [Giant Step]
8. Dirty Dubsters Down In Africa [Spring Strut]
9. Kokolo Afrobeat Orchestra Donkey [Tramp]
10. Fanga Crache La Douleur [Tramp]
11. Express Brass Band Radio Kabul [Tramp]
12. Afrodita Africa My Dear [Tramp]
13. Minus 8 Let It Go (Barrio Jazz Gang Remix) [Giant Step]
14. Mr Day Spooky [Favourite]
15. Prommer & Barck Pictures of The Sea (Love Theme) [Giant Steps Promo]
16. Raz Ohara & The Odd Orchestra II Varsha [Physical]
17. Martin Buscaglia Cortocircuito (Boohgaloo Zoo Remix) [Lovemonk]
18. Johnswaynes Cut Out feat. Disconine [Compost Black Label]
19. Ancient Astronauts Eternal Searching feat. W. Ellington Felton [CDR]
20. Romanowski Sol Cumbia [Bastard Jazz]
21. DJ Farrapo & Yanez Ojito Com Cachaca [Agogo]
22. Cacique '97 Eu Quero Tudo [Footmovin Records]
23. Pello El Afrokan Bailalo Asi [Freestyle]
24. El Timba Descarga Bontempi [Strut]

a big swag of Afro Beat this week with the release of Tramp Records "Contemporary Afro Beat". RESPECT!
I also finally picked up a tune from Alexander Barck and Christian Prommer to drop on the show. Long overdue I have to say, very much enjoying what those two have been up to of late!
Aside from that have a deep look at the playlist. Is a great selection of songs!


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