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Playlist 10/05/11

1. Jed and Lucia April Showers [Ubiquity]
2. Elan Tamara Don't Know Why [Big Dada]
3. Shogun Orchestra Minis Azaka [Economy Records]
4. Nostalgia 77 Octet Green Blades of Grass [Tru Thoughts]
5. Pascal Schumacher Quartet Elmaro [CDR]
6. Chico Hamilton Penthouse A [CDR]
7. Lizzy Parks Forever and A Day [Tru Thoughts]
8. Joash Salome [Compost]
9. Charlie Lim What Can I Do [CDR]
10. Lowrider Keep The Pace [Illusive]
11. Raphael Saadiq Stone Rollin' [Giant Step Promo]
12. The Echocentrics Jardim [Ubiquity]
13. Saskwatch I Thought This Was Love [Saskwatch]
14. The Soul Investigators Make It Mellow [Limmion Records]
15. Stereo 77 Sin Pena [Research Deluxe]
16. Ladi 6 Like Water [Question Music Ltd.]
17. Diesler Revelations [CDR]
18. Soulparlor Real feat. Colonel Red [Tokyo Dawn]
19. Soulparlor Freak Out feat. Cecilia Stalin (Daz-I Kue Remix) [Tokyo Dawn]
20. Soulparlor Now! (Souled Remix) [Tokyo Dawn]
21. Soulparlor Planet Sex feat. Replife (Dego Remix) [Tokyo Dawn]
22. Tokimonsta Little Pleasures feat. Gavin Turek [Just Isn't Music]
23. Dream Kit Squonk [Two Bright Lakes]
24. Miqi O Caravan [Untold]
25. Afro Disco Edit Ahhhh Norfendu [Guynamukat]


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