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Playlist 7/11/11

1. Frootful Slowtime (Latina Version) [Freestyle]
2. Makossa & Megablast Peace feat. Hubert Tubbs [Luv Lite Recordings]
3. Makossa & Megablast Wangu feat. Tony Allen & OG Spiritual Goddess [Luv Lite Recordings]
4. The Propositions Africana [Ubiquity Records]
5. Soft Touch Plenty Action (DJ Shadow – Monosylabik) [Ubiquity]
6. The Baker Brothers Time To Testify [Record Kicks]
7. Mr Confuse Too Hot [Kudos Records]
8. The Strides Reclamation feat. LTL Gzeus [Earshift Records ]
9. Scalper One Friend [CDR]
10. Ovall Take U To Somewhere [Origami Records]
11. Fly My Pretties Garden [Loop]
12. Funkommunity The Light [CDR]
13. Lord Echo Long Time No See [Bastard Jazz]
14. Eddie Palmieri Listen Here [Concord Records]

In the swing with another episode of Inside Vibe. I have changed up the format for a while, Instead of doing just over 90minutes with a lot of chat about nothing I am now giving you just over an hour with no chat and a lot of music!
This weeks episode includes a lot of new music and closes with Eddie Palmieri who Straightup is bringing to Australia finally!!!
New music from Frootful with a beautiful start to the show this week, moving into some swinging house from Makossa & Megablast... heading all over the place... some deep hip hop, funkier breaks and some very sweet vocal tunes out of NZ.
I hope you enjoy.
Please if you have feedback on the new format, send it to me along with any tunes you would like me to hear.



dan said:
Fantastic stuff mr blair!!
cathy Laqua said:
smooth, smooth, smooth. lovin it!
blair said:
thanks guys! 1love. B

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