A very special interview & musical tribute with the legend Dr Lonnie Smith

Playlist 009: 19/4/12 with Dr. Lonnie Smith (Interview & Musical Tribute)

1. Dr. Lonnie Smith "Come Together" [(Palmetto Records)]
2. George Benson Quartet "Summertime" [(Columbia Records)]
3. Lonnie Smith "Minor Chant" [(Columbia Records)]
4. Lou Donaldson "Alligator Bogaloo" [(Blue Note Records)]
5. Aretha Franklin "Think" [(Atlantic Records)]
6. Lonnie Smith "Think" [(Blue Note Records)]
7. Lonnie Smith "Move Your Hand" [(Blue Note Records)]
8. Lonnie Smith "Peace Of Mind" [(Blue Note Records)]
9. Dr. Lonnie Smith "Funk Reaction" [(Lester Radio Corporation)]
10. A Tribe Called Quest "Can I Kick It?" [(Jive)]


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