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Playlist 14/05/12

1. Bombay Royale Phone Baje [Hope Street Recordings]
2. Bombay Royale Monkey Fight Snake [Hope Street Recordings]
3. Dojo Cuts Mamacita [Record Kicks]
4. Sam Irl Safety Hertz [Jazz & Milk Recordings]
5. DJ Mpula aka Pedro Coquenão Ka Heueh feat. Ngongo [Soundway Records]
6. Hidden Jazz Quartet High Heels feat. Omar [Augogo Records]
7. Bukky Leo & Black Egypt Afrobeat_Jam [Augogo Records]
8. Bukky Leo & Black Egypt Skeleton [Augogo Records]
9. Drumagick Swing Samba [Tru Thoughts]
10. Los Fulanos El Que No Est Se Lo Pierde (Part 1) [Lovemonk]
11. Los Fulanos El Que No Est Se Lo Pierde (Part 2) [Lovemonk]
12. Ancient Astronauts Last Night feat. Akua Naru (J-Boogie Remix) [Switchstance Recordings]
13. Sleepin' Giants Badungdeng [Tru Thoughts]
14. Samuel Yirga Nou Se Soleil [Real World]
15. Samuel Yirga I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun [Real World]

A journey around the globe this week with a few stops in Australia, the UK, Paraguay, Nigeria and more...

I thought with the upcoming launch party of The Bombay Royale's debut LP it was high time they go excess Inside Vibe love. There are also new tracks of some of my favourite contemporay labels; Tru Thoughts, Lovemonk, Jazz & Milk Recordings and many more. A good dose of hindu love songs and afro beat dance stormers.

I hope you enjoy!!



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