A mixed grill of forward-thinking music from around the globe, selected by Mike Gurrieri.

Playlist 013: 17/05/12 with Lance Ferguson

1. Lanu featuring Megan Washington "Beautiful Trash" (Acoustic Version) [(Tru Thoughts)]
2. Lanu "Portrait In 50Hz [(Tru Thoughts)]
3. Jess Harlen "Reach Home" [(Plethora Records)]
4. Scrimshire "A Promise Is All It Was" (Acoustic Version) [(Wah Wah 45s)]
5. Get The Blessing "Americano Meccano" [(Naim Audio Ltd)]
6. DJ Shadow "Affectations" [(DJ Shadow)]
7. Nefarious! "Lovely You" [(Soul Dojo Music Group)]
8. The Mellowtones "Heater" [(The Mellowtones)]
9. The Bamboos "The Bamboos Theme" [(Tru Thoughts)]
10. Jack Wilkins "Red Clay" [(Mainstream Records)]
11. Sexeto Excellencio "Nautilus" [(Freestyle Records)]
12. The Bamboos featuring Aloe Blacc "Where Does The Time Go?" [(Tru Thoughts)]
13. The Bamboos featuring Tim Rogers "I Got Burned" [(Tru Thoughts)]
14. Funk Inc. "Kool Is Back" [(Prestige Records)]
15. Reuben Wilson "Bambu" [(Blue Note Records)]
16. Johnny Hammond "Tell Me What To Do" [(Milestone Records)]
17. The Anders Hjelmstad Experience "Mystic Brew" [(Freestyle Records)]


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