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Playlist 24/05/12

1. Sietta The Birds Part 1 [CDR]
2. Selah Sue Ragamuffin feat. J. Cole [Giant Step Promo]
3. Nneka My Home (Coki of Digital Mystikz Remix) [CDR]
4. Georgia Anne Mulrow Kali Yuga [SomeOthaShip]
5. Hawthorne Headhunters Sum People Don't Change [HVW8]
6. Hawthorne Headhunters Luv Galactic [HVW8]
7. Sonnymoon Kali [Plug Research]
8. Sonnymoon Just Before Dawn [Plug Research]
9. Alice Russell with Quantic and the Combo Barbaro I'd Cry [Tru Thoughts]
10. Jungle By Night Ethipino [Kindred Spirits]
11. Jungle By Night Rangda [Kindred Spirits]
12. The Impellers Politics Kills People [Freestyle Records]
13. Gizelle Smith Jonny 45 [CDR]
14. Kid Loco DaddyWza (Suonho Remix) [Bastard Jazz]
15. Casbah 73 I'm Feeling Lucky! feat. Andy Docherty [Lovemonk]

OK officially my taste is all over the place this week. See what you think. These are some of the tunes that are generally rocking my world on the dancefloor and in the bath tub!!

I have to say I am enjoying this new one hour show format. More intense and a bit deeper.



Clair from The Impellers said:
Massive thanks for the play, Blair!
Lisa said:

Miss your show greatly on PBS, inside vibe made my week!. Your last show on PBS, there is a track, which I am unsure of the artist and title track. PLEASE could you tell me who it is? I've been racking my brain ever since. It's directly after Funkommunity's track Pass It On, time code: 1:05:44

Not sure if you back announced it or not.

much appreciated.

As far as I know, I am not a robot.

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