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Playlist 18/07/12

1. Gregory Porter Feelin' Good (Honey Dijon Remix) [CDR]
2. K'Bonus Dance Baby Dance [Lovemonk]
3. Tall Black Guy Smile [Bastard Jazz Recordings]
4. Tall Black Guy Sparkling Adventure [Bastard Jazz Recordings]
5. Minoru Muraok Positive & Negative (Cut Chemist Edit) [CDR]
6. Jungle By Night Rangda [Kindred Spirits]
7. The Shaolin Afronauts Saturn's Dance [Freestyle]
8. The Shaolin Afronauts Quest Under Capricorn [Freestyle]
9. Spy From Cairo Marseilles Noir [Wonderwheel Recordings]
10. Timo Garcia & Manu Delago The Hang Track Pt. II [Compost Records]
11. Thom Janusz Crystals [Ubiquity Records/Hoctor]
12. Oddisee Way In Way Out [Mello Music Group]
13. Oddisee You Know Who You Are [Mello Music Group]
14. Sean Born DrugsAlcoholSex [Mello Music Group]
15. 7evenThirty Jamaal (R.I.P J Dilla) [Mello Music Group]
16. Q Tip Gettin' Up with 7even Thirty [Mello Music Group]
17. Barkin' Soul Punto De Partida [Mighty Highness]
18. Ojos De Brujo Ventilator R-80 (Makala Remix) [Urban World Records]
19. Cumbia Cosmonauts Tropospher 5000 (Cero39 Remix) [Chusma Records]

Finally back on air. Apologies for the radio silence, have just returned from a trip over in Jamaica and New York and to be honest still going through some of the tunes I picked up on my journey.

With the announce of the long anticipated Gregory Porter Australian Tour i decided to kick off the show with a remix of the Nina Simone classic, Feelin' Good, done by Honey Dijon that Gregory covered on his debut album.

So a few treats in the show this week. Shaolin Afronauts album is about to drop in Melbourne at The Prince with a launch night on August 10th so I thought it very worth while to take a peek at a few tracks from it.

Then I was inspired by something a friend of mine out of Brooklyn said to me while he was around. Hip Hop is dead in the States except for a few minor left field labels like Stones Throw and Mello Music. While I have to say I agree in some sense of his statement, particularly after seeing the state of the live scene in New York the other week; there is not a label in the world that can touch Mello Music. So I have done a big shout out here to my very favourite hip hop label still strong and still producing the gold!!

I hope you enjoy. As always feel free to hit me up on



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