A mixed grill of forward-thinking music from around the globe, selected by Mike Gurrieri.

Playlist 027: 23/08/12

1. Grey Reverend "Things Behind The Sun" [(Unreleased)]
2. Four Tet "Peace For Earth" [(Text Records)]
3. Koreless "Lost In Tokyo" [(Vase)]
4. Abjo "Aureole" [(Unreleased)]
5. Azizi Gibson x Flying Lotus "Sweet Space" [(Brainfeeder)]
6. The RAah Project "All Of Your Things" (Blue Daisy Synth Ambient Mix) [(Equinox Recordings)]
7. Debian Blak featuring Neo Joshua "Hawks & Spies" [(Debian Blak)]
8. Gang Colours "Fill Me In" [(Unreleased)]
9. Jack Sparrow "Good Old Days" [(Deep Medi Musik)]
10. Benga & Walsh "Addicts" [(Texture Records)]
11. The Gaslamp Killer featuring Miguel Atwood-Ferguson "Flange Face" [(Brainfeeder)]
12. Flying Lotus featuring Erykah Badu "See Thru To U" [(Warp Records)]
13. Kutiman featuring Elran Dekel "Dover D" [(Kutiman)]
14. Alexis Davis "Look" [(Expansions Collective)]
15. B-Rhymin "Love, The Double-Edged Sword" [(B-Rhymin)]
16. ERIMAJ "Conflict Of A Man" [(Don't Cry Recordings)]
17. Eric Lau "This Is For You" [(Eric Lau)]
18. Kon & The Gang "Good Times" (Kon's Nite Time Remix) [(Basic Fingers)]


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