The guys generously threw us this great mix from their label. Old tunes, current tunes and tunes to be released in the not too distant future.

Playlist Altered Vibes

1. Hundred Strong Sword Lies Broken
2. RJD2 Here's what's left
3. 8:35 Mingle with a sound
4. Def Harmonic YesNo
5. Roger Robinson Nicolas' Song (J Todd's DropTop Remix)
6. Hundred Strong feat. Alison Crockett Dream on Delay (Break Reform Remix)
7. Gum Drop (Keeps on) Burning
8. Gum Drop Now I Rise
9. J Todd feat. Epcot She's Wicked
10. Roger Robinson KAOS
11. Def Harmoinic HeartsBubbles
12. MCK2 & Shorty Raw Natural Tendencies (DJ Stix Remix)
13. Hundred Strong feat. Joseph Malik All aint the same
14. Roger Robinson Unsticking (Dobie Remix)
15. The Vanishing System Krylon Worlds

Classic breakbeat and hip hop! Blended and mixed by Nick Lawrence and Gerry O'Rourke at Foundation Studios, London.


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